What’s brewing with…

In our series What’s brewing with… we meet long-standing Smart users to learn more about their work and to hear their thoughts on the cooperative:


Christina Scherrer


„I want to set a sign with what I do.




Smart User Alexander Gottfar on stage - Portrait picture black & white with dark background

Alexander Gottfarb

Dancer & Choreographer

“The handicraft should be front and center



Portraitfoto von jackie, Smart Userinjackie

IT expert

“Smart makes the step into freelancing easier”



Cordula Thym (links) beim VideodrehCordula Thym


“I want to counter the binary view cinematically”




Cellist und Smart-User Ivan Turkalj auf der Bühne, Foto © Igor Ripak

© Igor Ripak

Ivan Turkalj


“It feels as if Smart had been created exactly for this situation”




Leonhard Grond (li.) und Ruth Anderwald

© Anderwald + Grond

Anderwald + Grond

Visual Artists

“We like the concept of the collective”





Portraitfoto von Irene Suchy

© Foto Lounge Vienna

Irene Suchy

Journalist & Researcher

“As culture professionals, we should know our value – and how to claim it”




Smart & Digitalization

What do our users think about the participatory development process of the Smart Portals from 2021? Statements by Leila Müller (care4actors), Sarah Zaharanski (actress) and Sebastian Eckhardt (speaker).

Smart & Covid

How did our users benefit from working with Smart in the pandemic year 2020? Statements by Bryan Benner (musician), Christine Teichmann (cabaret artist), Florian Eisner (actor), Jonathan Quinn (visual artist) and Petra Zöpnek (film editor).