Smart & Covid

We asked some of our users how they benefited from their cooperation with Smart in 2020. Here are their statements:


Bühnenfoto von Bryan Benner

© Theresa Pewal

Bryan Benner


“1. Through Smart Austria I have been registered as a ‘Kurzarbeiter’ since March. This has been a huge help with my finances and stability throughout the pandemic.
2. The Smart Austria legal team did a great job helping me understand the different kinds of social support (funding) available to me during the lockdowns.
3. It has been a great relief to know that my budget, contracts, and other important aspects of my financial life are in such capable, organized hands. Thanks Smart Austria!” www.bryanbenner.com


Bühnenfoto von Christine Teichmann

© Eva Eberl

Christine Teichmann

Writer & Cabaret Artist

“Through Smart I was able to remain employed during the crisis for the most part of my artistic activities and was then able to switch to short time work in the second lockdown. All in all, I have been able to make ends meet and can use the time to work on new projects, such as my new cabaret program, which hopefully will open in April 2021!” christine.teichmann.top


Portraitfoto von Florian Eisner

© Marco Riebler, Sbg

Florian Eisner

Actor & Director

“Long before anything came from politics on the theme of arts and cultural work during the crisis, Smart had already given me the feeling I was not left fully alone. Through Smart, I was able to realise the few possible cultural projects during the lockdown as an employee, and for the remaining period I was eligible for the short time work measure. Smart saved my position in cultural work for the future and allowed me to care for my family and two children.” www.florian-eisner.com


Ansicht des Kunstwerkes "Transitory Monument to Marxism" von Jonathan Quinn – leere, gestapelte, rote Bäcker-Kisten im Hintergrund, zarte rote Umrisse von Sesseln im Vordergrund. Schiffboden, weiß gekalkte Wände mit Bohrlöchern, hölzener Dachstuhl.

Transitory Monument to Marxism © Jonathan Quinn

Jonathan Quinn

Visual Artist

“Since the Covid measures began, Smart has really relieved me of a load of administrative tasks. Instead of having to work through all the complicated funding applications all by myself as a self-employed person, I was able to remain employed and to unbureaucratically apply for short time work, for which I was eligible. I’m very thankful for that!” www.klingt.org/jq/


Petra Zöpnek

Video Artist & Cutter

“Working with Smart has been an asset and my life as an artist has become much easier. The processing of contracts, employment – and the best is to have a trustworthy, respectful partner in these times. Moving away from isolation and towards being part of this community was the right thing to do for me.“


What’s brewing with…

In our series What’s brewing with… we meet long-standing Smart users to learn more about their work and to hear their thoughts on the coop:


Portraitfoto von Irene Suchy

© Foto Lounge Vienna

Irene Suchy

Journalist & Researcher

“As culture professionals, we should know our value – and how to claim it”

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Leonhard Grond (li.) und Ruth Anderwald

© Anderwald + Grond

Anderwald + Grond

Visual Artists

“We like the concept of the collective”

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Cellist und Smart-User Ivan Turkalj auf der Bühne, Foto © Igor Ripak

© Igor Ripak

Ivan Turkalj


“It feels as if Smart had been created exactly for this situation”

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