Smart is a registered cooperative and member of the Austrian cooperative umbrella association Österreichischer Genossenschaftsverband. We are convinced that the cooperative form is the way of the future for independent and self-responsible work within a supportive community context.

Our members are the owners of the cooperative. We are democratic, self-managed and dedicated to the cooperative principles of promoting our members, communality and participation. One coop share costs 50 €. The major governing organ is the members’ annual general assembly in which each individual member has a vote and therefore equal voice in decision-making on our processes and structures.

Executive board: Angela Vadori

Proxy: Mag. Jur. Lisa Pointner, Julia Kronenberg

Advisory board: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Fabel (Board of directors, Institute for Business Decisions and Analytics on the Faculty for Economics, University of Vienna), Mag. Sabine Mitterecker (Director, THEATER.punkt) and Sébastien Paule (Director Innovation and Developement, Smart Belgium)