Belgian success story

Smart Belgium was founded in 1998 by Julek Jurowicz and Pierre Burnotte as a charitable foundation in Brussels and since 2016 is a cooperative adhering to the principles of democratic and active participation of its members. In October 2019, the business management was taken over by Anne-Laure Degris und Maxime Dechesne. The Smart Coop Belgium has already more than 20.000 members and 170 employees serving over 85.000 artists, creatives and freelancers in total. Smart Belgium and Smart France have been successively merging their organizations and services since 2017.

Smart Belgium has developed its offer of services over the years to;

  • Activity-Management
  • Legal advice
  • Guarantee fund – taking on of liabilities
  • Insurance packages
  • Leasing equipment
  • Micro credits
  • Rental of affordable studios
  • Publications and research

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