About Smart

Smart – Société Mutuelle Pour Artistes – is a nonprofit institution developed in Belgium for artists and creatives in order to improve their working conditions in the field of social economy.

The Austrian Smart was launched in 2011, in 2013 the Smart office opened in Vienna and started its service in 2014.

The Smart cooperative was founded on May 14, 2015. The legal structure of a cooperative was a deliberate choice to insure the project is equally owned by all its members. Future profits will be fully reinvested in order to expand service and support artists in all areas of professional life.

Smart directly benefits artists and creatives by taking over a majority of their administrative tasks and providing sustainable solutions for

  • the management of projects and activities
  • enrollment in social services and institutions and possible access to unemployment insurance
  • the professionalization of working conditions

The Team:
Sabine Kock, Andrea Wälzl, Lisa Pointner, Robert Eichhorn, Deborah Gzesh, Michaela Adelberger, Angela Vadori, Julia Haas,