Employment under SmartProduction

A puppeteer has developed a children’s play which he regularly performs in various schools and day care centers throughout Austria. He has already made agreements for a number of performances in various day care centers and nursery schools for the next 3 months. He wants to be employed for this time period and so entrusts the cooperative with the production of the performance series. Smart sets up an agreement or a contract with each of the clients, i.e. the schools and day care centers. For the three month duration of the performance series, the puppeteer offers his services to the schools and day care centers as an employee of the Smart cooperative. Smart then issues invoices to the clients and collects payments. From the income generated by the performances, the puppeteer receives a monthly salary and compensation for operating expenses (eg. mileage allowance, daily allowance, costs of materials, …) Smart’s fee is 7,5% of the order’s total sum.


Project with multiple coworkers with Smart Production

A music trio would like to do a tour of Austria working with Smart Production. They garner their own gigs as before but instead of signing the contracts themselves, Smart enters into the contract with the presenters/venues and issues invoices for payment after fulfillment. From the income generated, visible in the band’s budget, artist fees (or salaries by employment with the cooperative), and all other expenses in connection with the tour are paid out. The musicians profit from timely payment regardless of the payment date of the contract partners.


Self-employment with SmartProduction

A freelance artist has various art projects with different clients. She mostly works alone, but has coworkers who are occasionally involved in her projects. These projects nearly always involve expenses. As a self-employed artist she is insured by the SVA (Social insurance for self-employed) and can also receive subsidies from the KSVF (social security fund for artists) and therefore would prefer to continue working on a freelance basis.
SmartProduction offers her the following advantages:
As in the previous cases, when she entrusts Smart with her projects, Smart becomes the contract partner. Smart pays her fee, the fees of her coworkers and all expenses related to her projects from the proceeds of her contracts. She is able at all times, to keep track of her revenue and expenses and must not issue any invoices nor worry about payments. She can also rest assured that she will receive her fee upon fulfillment of the order regardless as to whether the client has made payment or not.