How does it work?

You bring your projects and orders to the cooperative. Instead of you personally signing a contract with a client, the coop enters into the contract for the particular project, which you then carry out. The cooperative also assumes the financial risks.

Your benefits

Work independently but securely

As a SmartProduction user, you and your project coworkers can work on your projects or orders as employees of the Smart cooperative. If you decide on employment, the Smart Coop assumes all the responsibilities of an employer such as registration of wage withholding and payroll, etc. In the case of self-employment, Smart pays you your fees.

Timely payment

Rather than the artist having to issue their own bills, Smart deals with the client directly and guarantees that salaries or fees are paid within the agreed upon period – regardless of whether the client has already paid or not.

Working without risk

For Smart users, Smart not only guarantees payment but provides full contingent liability. The cooperative bears the financial risk of payment failure.

Less paper work

Smart issues invoices and makes payments associated with the project – fees, salaries and other expenses. Smart puts all of your financial and supporting documents in order, including employment records and payroll, wage withholding papers when applicable, storing them in a secure cloud system. All transactions, inputs, expenses and your current budget are accessible to you online, at all times.

Well cared for, well advised

Our excellent team of advisors know just about nearly everything you need to know. We evaluate your personal situation and find a customized solution for every order, project and coworker. If necessary we bring in outside experts.

Backed up by a strong community

We’ve joined together to achieve sustainable improved working conditions. The Smart community is growing as a solidarity-economic, not for profit oriented cooperative.

Your contribution

To meet Smart’s ongoing operational costs, we charge a fee of 10% of the net amount from your orders for SmartProduction services.

User Guide

Learn everything about the cooperation with Smart in our extensive Production User-Guide 2021 (currently available in German).