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Smart combines all the solutions needed by freelancing workers under one cooperative roof; structures for social security, administrative and organisational workload reduction and the solidarity of a community.

Protection & Worload Reduction: SmartProduction

Your work situation changes frequently between freelance projects and employment? Smart combines the freedom of freelancing with the security of regular employment. We pool your various income sources into a sustainable employment contract with Smart. Even if you remain self-employed, you’ll still benefit from our payment guarantee and failure liability.
Costs: 10% of order’s net amount

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Stick together: Smart Coop

Smart exists only because so many of us have decided to unite forces in creating better working conditions for each and everyone of us through practical solutions. Become a member now and join us in shaping the future of freelancing!
Costs: 50€ per cooperative share

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As a coop, Smart is member-owned and not for profit. Each member is also an owner of the cooperative with a voice in decision-making processes. Our funding relies on moderate fees – which are at the moment, below cost  – and on start-up support from our international Smart network. More on Smart