SmartAdmin is a customizable service tool that predominantly assists groups and individuals with financial administration of their activities and projects, supports in time management, meeting deadlines and correct documentation.

Contrary to SmartProduction, SmartAdmin cannot take on any financial risks for your projects.

  • Project planning and time management

As part and parcel of project management, SmartAdmin creates a detailed project plan for you where you won’t miss another deadline, you’ll know when to send out a press release and your final reports,  financial statements and documents will always be delivered on time.

  • Accurate submissions

We assist in the calculation of your projects and check your submitted documents for completeness. In addition, we are happy to advise you about further funding opportunities.

  • Finance and controlling

We bring order to your finances and records. With SmartAdmin you have an overview of the current status of your various project budgets. Smart carries out ongoing accounting, prepares annual financial statements and provides the final financial report for grants and subsidies.

  • Documentation

With your cooperation, Smart continuously collects statistical data (i.e. numbers of visitors) and processes it so that it is available for statements and reports. We archive online all important documents about the project, making them readily available for you.

  • Advice on legal affair

We provide sample contracts and offer a contract check regardless whether it’s a contract with participants, a co-production or regards guest performances. We also advise in copyright issues, when in contact with publishers or when asserting your copyright claims. If necessary we can also clarify issues in correspondence with our tax advisor or attorney.
Here’s what we can’t offer:

SmartAdmin does not replace a production management. We can’t be on site, transport or carry out night time shifts.

All substantive issues such as concepts, press releases and all negotiations will remain in your hands.

With guest performances, we will gladly advise you on the financial side and with scheduling, but cannot make any travel bookings or arrange guest performances.


Tailored to your needs

An essential part of our offer is to help you build a strong relationship with a dedicated member of our team. This way we are able to offer a service that is tailored to your individual needs.

If you have questions, we welcome your call, mail or your visit.