SmartProduction provides Smart’s major area of service. As a production house we carry out the administration and financial management of activities and projects.


  • Employed or self-employed

Basically, the users of Smart Production and contributors can work on their projects autonomously or be employed by Smart in which case Smart undertakes all of the necessary steps for getting on a payroll and takes on full responsibility as an employer. In the case of self-employment, Smart pays the fees.

  • Timely payment

Instead of the artist having to issue their own bills, Smart deals with the customer directly and guarantees that the payments of salaries or fees are paid within the agreed upon period – regardless of whether the customer has paid the bill or not.

  • Finance and controlling

Smart puts your finances and supporting documents in order. At any given time, you’ll have insight into all payment transactions and thus a good overview of all activities and projects. Smart issues invoices and makes payments associated with the project – fees, salaries and other expenses. The current budget  can be accessed online at any given time. We do the bookkeeping and create a project specific, annual financial statement.



  • Management of multiple contributors

Especially for projects with multiple participants SmartProduction enables you to keep track of all payments and contracts.

  • Working without risk

For Smart users, Smart not only guarantees payment but provides full contingent liability.

  • Advice on legal affairs

Smart Austria helps with the formulation of artist-friendly agreements, whether between participants, co-production or participating guests. We provide advice on financial, tax, technical and copyright issues. If necessary we can also clarify issues with our tax and legal consultants.

  • Copyright

Where applicable,  Smart Production can also deal with copyright claims.

When necessary, SmartProduction deals with the settlement of copyright claims by third parties. Our expert on copyright is available for counseling.


Tailored to your needs

A founding principle of Smart is to offer service that is closely tailored to your individual needs.

If you have questions, we welcome your call or email.