Europe needs us. Let’s go vote

Uncategorized @en - 09/05/2019 - Michaela Adelberger

On this eve of the European Union’s day (9th of May) we are happy to share the following content. The text is the result of a joint effort that reflects the views shared by the nine Smart entities across Europe, …

Smart Jour fixe on 2nd April at 4 pm

Uncategorized @en - 19/03/2019 - Michaela Adelberger

Social security, taxes, contracts…Didn’t you actually want to be an artist and now you’re over your head in bureaucracy? How should I insure myself? What is this SVA thing? What do I do when working as a regular employee and …

Smart at the Kulturmanagement Tag on 22 March

Uncategorized @en - 25/02/2019 - Michaela Adelberger

Smart will present itself with two workshops at this year’s Kulturmanagement Tag hosted by Institut für Kulturkonzepte. Sabine Kock and Lisa Pointner will introduce Smart’s main activities SmartProduction and SmartAdmin at 2pm; and the Mobility Project for cultural managers working …

Next Jour fixe: Tuesday, 5 March 4 pm

Uncategorized @en - 19/02/2019 - Michaela Adelberger

If you would like to know what Smart can do for you, you are very welcome here. We will give a general introduction to Smarts two main focuses: SmartProduction and SmartAdmin. And we are happy to discuss your issues and …

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