Save the date: Workshop on „How to strengthen our cooperative and solidary vision all together?“ 28 August 2020, 9am

Smart, Termine - 23/07/2020 - -

In the framework of this year’s Bigre Rencontre, an international network of cooperatives, Smart Austria director Sabine Kock will hold an online workshop!

How to strengthen our cooperative and solidary vision all together?

As growing cooperatives we experience a strong tension: on one hand we strongly have to work on our economic success, growth, getting into new fields of target groups and services, one other hand it becomes even more crucial to be deeply related to the cooperative and solidary vision of our project. How do we work on both? How does the tension affect the teams? How can we ensure both economic efficiency AND solidarity and our cooperative approach? What can we learn from each other in general and during these extraordinary times? How can we strengthen our growth management and crucial visions? How do we communicate and work on it in teambuilding?

Format: Open forum for different international partners to talk about solidarity and the tension between the cooperative vision and the economic reality – especially in/after the crisis


  • Strengthening solidarity and exchange among partners
  • Reflecting the growth process of each cooperative and learn from each other
  • Learning from the experience of the Belgium and French and other experienced sustainable coops
  • Building confidence and trust
  • Reflecting management tools together


  • Methodical exchange about goals, tools, measures, team processes
  • Guided discussion, guided work in small groups, conclusion

Target Groups: International partners and persons interested in international development and exchange


How to strenghen our cooperative and solidary vision all together?

Friday, 28 August 2020, 9–11am

Online workshop
Working language: English
12–20 participants

Details on registration etc. tba!