Updates on Covid-19 support measures – November 2021

Covid, Info - 08/01/2021 - Xenia Kopf

Due to the new federal lockdown starting 22nd November 2021, many Covid support measures will be extended or reissued.

Note: The measures are listed here according to public announcements; applications might open at a later date and/or as soon as the respective legal basis has been updated.

WKO emergency/hardship fund

  • Prerequisite: at least 40 % drop in sales, or the running costs can no longer be covered
  • Replacement rate: 80 % plus 100 euros of the net loss of income
  • Period: November 2021 to March 2022
  • Maximum amount: 2,000 euros, minimum amount: 600 euros

WKO Emergency Fund for Self-Employed Persons (in German)

Overview Chamber of Commerce (WKO) business relief measures: https://www.wko.at/site/corona-unterstuetzungen/start.html (in German)

SVS bridge financing for artists

  • Period: November and December 2021 and 1st quarter 2022
  • Payment still analogous to hardship fund (600 euros)
  • In lockdown months instead: 1,000 euros

https://www.svs.at/cdscontent/?contentid=10007.859358 (in German)

KSVF Covid-19 fund

  • Extension until 1st quarter 2022

The goal of the KSVF Covid-19 fund is to ease the special emergency and difficult cases of artists and cultural workers who are not eligible for asssistance according to the regulations of the WKO emergency fund or the gap bridging measues of the SVS. The KSVF can now give aid to artists and cultural workers who at the time of application:

A. are neither eligible for the WKO emergency fund

B. nor the bridge the gap assistance of the SVS,


  1. have their main residence in Austria
  2. are significantly economically threatened as a result of COVID-19 , for instance, at the time of submission are unable to meet costs of living or costs of doing business because of official ordinances in the fight against COVID- 19 temporarily or permanently limiting or forbidding the practice of their artistic/cultural profession and source of income.
  3. receive no assistance or compensation from private or professional insurance services to cover losses entailed through COVID-19 privaten bzw. beruflichen
  4. have not received funds for the same circumstances from KSVF-Assistance fund in accordance with § 25c Abs. 3 K-SVFG.
  5.  had an income in the last fiscal year, as reported on the tax return of maximum € 60.144 (80% the annual social insurance highest calculating basis). Applicants who do not file a tax return must submit their own estimated income.

KSVF Covid-19 fund (in German)

AMS short-time work

Exemption rules go back into effect during the lockdown, including:

  • Retroactive application
  • Elimination of economic justification for directly affected companies and all who apply during lockdown
  • 100% aid for directly affected industries (according to list published, see links below)

The Corona short time work measure was extended once more: Phase 5 started July 1st 2021 and will run until 30 June 2022. To be eligible for this measure, workers still have to have at least one full calender month of employment preceding short time work. During short time work, working time can be reduced to 50%, in badly affected companies to 30%, in individual special cases even 10%. The net replacement rate is, depending on the income, 80 to 90%.


Protective shield fund for events

Extension of applications until 30 June 2022 for events until 30 June 2023

BMKÖS protective shield fund for events (in German)

Reduced VAT rate of 5% extended until 31.12.2021

To support businesses in hospitality, the hotel sector and the arts and culture sector, which were hit especially hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the reduced VAT rate of 5% will be extended until the end of 2021. More information on extensions of Covid-19 support measures currently in place:

Infos of BMF on the reduced VAT rate (in German)

Covid-19 info service by BMKÖS for artists and cultural professionals

The Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport has set up an info service for artists and cultural professionals regarding Covid-19 issues. Hotline: +43 1 71 606 851185 (Mon–Fri 9am–3pm), email: kunstkultur@bmkoes.gv.at. FAQs, further contacts, regulations, conditions for live events etc. at:

https://www.bmkoes.gv.at/Themen/Corona/Corona-Kunst-und-Kultur.html (in German)