This was the Day of Action “Coops for everyone” in Graz

Smart - 24/09/2020 - Xenia Kopf
  • Smart-Geschäftsführerin beim Aktionstag Genossenschaften für alle in Graz, September 2020
    Foto © Sascha Pseiner

The Cultural Year Graz 2020 is making an important statement: Under the roof of the motto “How we want to live”, there are numerous projects happening on Urbanism, Social Togetherness, Digital Lifeworlds, Work of Tomorrow, and Environment & Climate.

Following an invitation by the project City of Collaboration we visited Graz and participated in the Day of Action on “Coops for everyone”. Together with colleagues from IT, agriculture, retail or transport, we discussed backgrounds and structures of the coop-model, and why solidarity-based economies are so much more important today than ever.

Rückblick auf den Aktionstag “Genossenschaften für alle” in Graz

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