Social insurance 2021: What’s new?

Info, Info, Uncategorized @en - 13/01/2021 - Xenia Kopf

We’ve compiled the new numbers concerning social insurance 2021 for you.

Employed activities

Monthly marginal earnings threshold: € 475,86
Voluntary self-insurance with ÖGK:

Monthly contribution for marginally employed persons € 67,18
Monthly contribution for students € 63,42

Self-employed activities

Minimum annual threshold for compulsory insurance with SVS: € 5.710,32 per year (profit from self-employed activites, NOT turnover)
Voluntary self-insurance (opting-in):
Monthly contribution for New Self-Employed Persons 42,77


For artists, the Artist’s Social Insurance Fund (KSVF) awards grants towards the payment of social insurance.

Minimum annual threshold for income from self-employed artistic activity:
€ 5.710,32

Monthly grant maximum: € 158
Annual grant maximum: € 1.896