Smart Portal: Start of participation process

Smart, Smart Portal - 02/12/2021 - -
  • Smart Portal Team Workshop

Our digitization project, the “Smart Portal”, is in full swing. After the first conception phase over the summer of 2021, we started the participation process in the fall. In two workshops with the internal team and an intensive workshop with a group of users, we presented the state of play, discussed it and gathered input. We identified the various needs, jointly prioritized proposals and clarified their feasibility.

Numerous improvements in the area of work management are already firmly planned, such as order forms that can be saved as templates or a salary calculator for the precalculation of employment wages. We are also working intensively on integrating a booking and ticketing tool to make it much easier for our users to offer and manage classes and workshops.

The new development of our own internal community area will be exciting; here we were able to define central parameters such as the structure of the user profiles or the functions of the planned notice board. We are also looking forward to the new governance area, where data and information about the cooperative will be available, opinions can be asked and current development topics will be documented – or can be newly proposed.

It was important to all participants that the portal is really built to meet needs, simplifies processes and serves as an interface for personal exchange. All these inputs were documented and are now integrated into the technical documents. This will then be used to commission the programming and the first rounds of testing will follow next year.

We thank all participants for their productive inputs and look forward to the next steps!

Funded by the Digifonds 4.0 of AK Vienna