Smart invited by Angewandte, BMKÖS, Wirtschaftsagentur, Unesco

Events, Smart - 11/11/2021 - Xenia Kopf

Update: Find a review of the Platform Coops Conference 2021 here, and an article summarizing the panel discussion on digitalization and precarity here!

  • Sabine Kock beim Transform Symposium der Angewandten

In the past weeks Smart Coop Austria was widely represented in the public!

Sabine Kock held our workshop “Dream.Career Freelancer” at the symposium “TRANSFORM The Art of Transformation” of the University of Applied Arts (October 27-29, 2021) in the track “Actions: Funding your project and money to work with” and told the participants* all about the ‘art of freelancing’.

Sabine was also invited to the BMKÖS’s high-profile Fairness Symposium (September 30, 2021) and checked the Smart Co-op model for its fair qualities – primarily the ability to combine the freedom of freelancing with the security of employment. All presentations and discussions now online (see below), with many advocacy groups that have been pushing the issue for a long time, as well as representatives of the Austrian and international cultural sector. Finally, Sabine was present at the retreat of the Unesco Working Group on Arts Rights Justice in Graz (October 14, 2021).

Angela Vadori and Xenia Kopf in turn had the opportunity to present Smart at the “Business Treff: Genossenschaft 2.0” of the Vienna Business Agency (October 14, 2021), to meet some good acquaintances again (Barbara Pogacar from our umbrealla organization ÖGV, Marianne Gugler from Otelo, Bernd Haberl from Lekton, Florentina Astleithner from FH Campus Wien) and to get to know numerous other cooperatives, such as HausWirtschaft or the MILA Mitmachsupermarkt.

Later this month, we will also join the Platform Coops Conference in Berlin, and discuss with CEU, WWTF and AK Vienna the dangers of precarization through digitalization – and how to counter it!