Smart Fee: some conclusions from discussion fora and vote

Info, Smart, Smart Fee - 29/07/2021 - Xenia Kopf

At two open discussion fora on April 29 and May 19, 2021, we discussed the necessities of the Smart Fee increase that was voted on at the General Assembly on June 14, 2021. Users and members had the opportunity to express their needs and wishes, but also to raise concerns. “I was a little perplexed at first about the increase. But with your explanations it becomes very comprehensible,” said one participant. “Transparent communication in collaborative construction is very important I think,” she stressed afterwards.

“The opportunity to participate in decision making means that funds are invested according to your wishes. And exchanges with and between users are very welcome,” replied CFO Angela Vadori. “After building the structure, we now want to strengthen the community: as co-owning and co-deciding,” added CEO Sabine Kock. An important element of Smart’s development is also continuous growth. Addressing the current growth rates, Lisa Pointner said, “We have growth rates around 40%, which is sensational. Stronger growth can even become problematic. Stable growth is much more important to us.”

In any case, participants clearly communicated that they felt the fee was low even at 10%, given the office’s services. “It’s nice not to have to deal with all the hassle. We can entirely focus on our work,” said one forum participant. “It’s a mystery to me how you folks always respond so quickly and accurately,” said one participant, and, “Not having to deal with billing is worth its weight in gold. It has a very positive effect on my customer relations.” At the same time, it became clear that the subject matter is very complex: “The fee is very low for what you get – but not until you understand these services,” said one participant at the general meeting. For the Smart office, this is a clear work assignment: we need to design concise information formats and provide members with useful tools to communicate the model.

The opportunity was also used to discuss numerous specific questions, such as cash income, freelance commercial activities and the smart@work GmbH. Initial requests for the further development of the Smart services include:

  • Ticketing/booking system
  • Project exchange or collaboration pool
  • Possibilities for internal networking
  • Templates for order forms
  • Ability to temporarily store orders
  • Real-time updated budgets
  • Explainer video on how Smart works

All these suggestions will be included into our planning. They will be part our digitization strategy and help us to further develop Smart according to your wishes. More suggestions are always welcome! Contact