Smart Belgium has new co-directors

Smart, Uncategorized @en - 08/10/2019 - Xenia Kopf

As of October 1 2019, Anne-Laure Desgris and Maxime Dechesne are the new co-directors of Smart Belgium which is merging more and more with Smart France, its first international partner.

Anne-Laure Desgris, for many years co-director of Cooperative Oxalis in France, switched to the Smart Brussels’ director team in 2018. Her focus is on development of strategic vision and practice in the cooperative.

Maxime Dechesne has long been a team member serving as director of the core tasks of advising and counseling Smart Belgium user-members.

The new director team will ensure internal competencies and continuity in the work of Smart as well as geopolitical and cultural political expertise for France and Belgium. In addition, they will create diversity and dialogue in the team’s leadership, as well as gender equality.

Desgris and Dechesne will focus on the expansion of services, the strengthening of participatory structures, the dissemination of cooperative work forms in a changing work world and the development of the Smart network in Europe.

More in the press kit (fr.)

We cordially welcome the new co-directors and look forward to many years of spirited and fruitful cooperation!