Smart at the Kulturmanagement Tag on 22 March

Events - 25/02/2019 - Angela Vadori

Smart will present itself with two workshops at this year’s Kulturmanagement Tag hosted by Institut für Kulturkonzepte. Sabine Kock and Lisa Pointner will introduce Smart’s main activities SmartProduction and SmartAdmin at 2pm; and the Mobility Project for cultural managers working in international settings, at 3 pm.


Kulturmanagement Tag 2019: Upwards together!
Building a career and cooperating in the cultural field

One day a year, at the Kulturmanagement Tag, it’s all about the diverse professional world of cultural managers and mediators. Beginners and career changers striving to get a foothold in the area of culture are offered an overview of current themes and help in orientation in career planning. Those already involved in projects can get helpful tips and new inspiration from experts in their field.

More about the Kulturmanagement Tag 2019 and tickets —- here.


When: Friday, 22 March 2019

Markhofgasse 19
1030 Vienna

Tickets available at 36 Euro.