Smart 2019/20: Kicking off the new decade

Uncategorized @en - 15/01/2020 - Xenia Kopf

We’re making progress: With Cordula Thym, we welcomed our 1,000th user, and with joined forces, we closed 2019 with 1,125 activities and a total of 1.5m Euros in turnover – WOW!

Based on your requests, we started our new workshop series Take Care in autumn 2019 – exklusively and free of charge for all Smart users. The first edition was dedicated to the issue of Fair Pay, there was a Special Edition on Crowdfunding before the holidays, and in March, we’ll look into project planning. You’re also becoming more visible, some with photos (thanks for sending them in!), and all who wish so with name and URL on our website. In addition, a series of portraits are created as part of another brand new series, Having coffee with… – Irene Suchy went first.

Apart from numerous small-scale workshops, we organised the international conference Rethinking Work in Vienna in June 2019, and we joined the Platform Coops Conference 2019 – Who owns the world? in New York in November 2019 with a whole bunch of contributions. We’ll join our friends again in autumn 2020: at the Austrian cooperatives day in Vienna (organised by the coop umbrella associations and the University of Economics) and at this year’s world conference on Platform Cooperativism in Berlin – maybe you want to drop by or to go to Berlin with us.

Thanks to you all for putting your trust in us and working with us, and to all our partners for their great cooperation! Our main practical project for the upcoming months remains the automatisation of some procedures, so that we’ll be capable of efficiently taking care of a rapidly growing number of users. At the same time, we’re continuing to invest in our community, to not only create practical benefits but also communal added value for you. Here’s to the new decade!

Smart 2019 at a glance

  • 1,125 activities
  • 1,043 users
  • ca. 1.5m turnover
  • ca. 50 workshops