Review 2020 & Prospects 2021

Smart - 13/01/2021 - Xenia Kopf

Dear Smart Community,

Welcome to the New Year 2021! We hope you all made it here safe and sound.

We’ve got important news for you: Starting 2021, we’re switching to a new forms system, a milestone toward digitization and automation. In addition, we’ve compiled all recent updates on social insurance 2021 and Covid-19 support measures.

Review 2020

The past year really put us to the test: How does our coop model work in a true crisis? It was by no means easy, but it showcased the purpose of a common structure. At the start of the crisis, we had 50 employees, 25 of which went into short-time work with us. Currently, we still have 19 employees in short-time work. Via our liabilities, we reimbursed our users 24,000 Euros in failed payments caused by project cancelations due to Covid-19 as well as insolvencies.

Despite all adversities, our users successfully realized projects and orders worth a total of 1.2m Euros in 2020. Many dance, theatre and performance projects that had been planned for the Spring were realized after the first lockdown, in Summer 2020. At that time, the number of employed users increased significantly to about 60. With the pivot towards online programming and events, a lot of activities then shifted towards the area of new media in Fall 2020. December turned out to be our strongest month in 2020, with 62 employed users and 118 Production orders – a bright spot toward 2021.

We want to pay you big compliments for your dedication and your tenacity. This year, a new chapter opens, hopefully, and we’ll keep you posted.


your Smart team