Introducing Smart in Salzburg: ARGEkultur, 18 March

Events - 19/02/2019 - -

You do the art, we do the paperwork!
Smart guides you through the bureaucratic jungle

Social security, taxes, contracts…Didn’t you actually want to be an artist and now you’re over your head in bureaucracy? How should I insure myself? What is this SVA thing? What do I do when working as a regular employee and simultaneously freelancing? How much am I allowed to earn “on the side”?

Freelancing as an artist, creative or new self-employed requires a great deal of organizational and administrative skills which have very little to do with actual artistic work.

Discover how Smart can help guide you through your own personal bureaucratic jungle. We’ll address the issues and questions you bring in with you.

Based on the principle of shared economy and solidarity, Smart fosters a new type of working and collaborating. The Smart Austria cooperative is part of a European network that aims to improve the working conditions of freelancers.

Monday, 18. March, 18-20 h
Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5, 5020 Salzburg