Important info for employed users

Info, Smart - 16/12/2021 - Xenia Kopf

Short time work

We have checked the conditions of the new short-time work phase and concluded that it hardly brings any advantages for our users: On the one hand, we do not fall into the ‘privileged’ short-time work; on the other hand, the total costs for even a small subsidy usually exceed the available budgets. Therefore, we will not apply for short-time work for now. We will continue to monitor the situation and come back to you if necessary should conditions change.

HKU lists

As some of you already know, employed users have to document home office days, sick days and vacations. Here registered users (after login) can find more information, the documentation list for download and detailed instructions.
To the lists (after login)

Travel and project/operating expenses

Please submit all travel expenses for this year before the end of the year if possible. If there are any delays, please let the advisor*s know.
Please also submit all operating expenses for 2021 via the appropriate form by the end of the year if possible, but no later than the end of January.
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24 and 31 December additional vacation days

We have decided to declare Dec. 24 and Dec. 31 additional vacation days for all Smart employees. This applies to both cooperative and limited liability company (GmbH) employees.