Founder and managing director Dr. Sabine Kock says goodbye to Smart

Smart - 13/01/2023 - -


“I say goodbye with a big thank you to everyone taking part in bringing the Smart Coop Austria project to life. Thanks for your trust in the innovation of the solidarity economy and a huge respect and thanks for giving me the unique opportunity to experience and accompany all your so courageous, exciting and complex projects entrusted to the cooperative in such an unexpected diversity!”


The philosopher is setting out for new perspectives. She will continue to work in the field of new forms of solidarity-based work // culture and digital development on a national as well as international level, pursuing the visions of social economy and platform coops in a research and consulting capacity.

In addition, she plans to develop and implement her own projects.


Sabine Kock remains coordinator and contact person for the Austria-wide Online Mobility Portal