Europe needs us. Let’s go vote

Uncategorized @en - 09/05/2019 - Michaela Adelberger

On this eve of the European Union’s day (9th of May) we are happy to share the following content. The text is the result of a joint effort that reflects the views shared by the nine Smart entities across Europe, inspired from a Memorandum for the European elections originally redacted by Smart in Belgium.

invites you to participate and to cast your vote for the next elections,
whether local, regional, national or European, because we trust this is one of
the most important forms through which individuals can participate to a
collective project – the society in which we live, we work and make our
projects a reality.

Smart believes that Europe may allow enhanced forms of citizenship in which
participation can be exercised, at all levels, through democratic methods that
enable, where possible, direct representation. Alongside these measures, it is
also necessary to foresee adequate mechanisms of separation of powers, control
and audit of undertakings of those who bear executive responsibility of
government, exercising powers according to subsidiarity principles.

In order for the right to citizenship to be exercised in full awareness and
effectively, Smart also believes in the need to invest in lifelong learning, in
culture and in cooperation: all these are useful instruments to overcome the
fear of the other, to remain permeable to change, to create wealth, well-being
and beauty, by enhancing differences.

These very instruments can also weave and help maintaining the effective networks
that support private initiative and enterpreneurship, whether individual or
collective, stimulating an environment that fosters and promotes sharing of
resources and mutualisation of risks, reducing causes of inequalities and
facilitating access to social protection for all, regardless of legal status,
sex, sexual orientation, nationality or religion.

Smart : made in common

Let’s build our future together.

We also invite you to participate in our upcoming General Assemblies:

28/05 Stockholm, Sweden
31/05 Granada, Spain
18/06 Lille, France
19/06 Brussels, Belgium
22/06 Milan, Italy
24/06 Vienna, Austria
26/06 Berlin, Germany
Hungary (Budapest *) Netherlands (Rotterdam, *), *: See the websites.”