DIY Accounting revenues & expenditures – May 2020

Uncategorized @en - 27/04/2020 - Xenia Kopf

How can I calculate my income? What is the difference between turnover and profits? Which of my expenditures are tax-deductable? When do I have to I have to register with SVA? When do I have to file a tax return? What do I have to look out for if I have multiple jobs, both employed and self-employed? And: how do I actually do my taxes, also in ‘FinanzOnline’…?

Smart-Advisor Angela Vadori holds her much sought-after workshop* on accounting revenues and expenditures together with her colleague Lara. Bring your computer and documentation (invoices, receipts, bank statements, manual documentation like e.g. cash book or logbook, list of travels and travel expenditures if applicable, FinanzOnline account credentials if applicable).

*Note: This workshop will be held in German. Please check capacities for this workshop in English directly with Angela:

Maximum 6 participants.
Free of charge for members of the SMartAt Coop. Contribution of 36,- Euros (30,- net.) for everybody else.

We ask for binding registration with Angela Vadori

When: Tuesday 12 May, 4pm–7pm
Where: Online via Zoom