Digitization funding for Smart!

Info, Smart, Smart Portal - 05/08/2021 - -

We have wonderful midsummer news: In Spring 2021, we applied for digitization funding at Digitalisierungsfonds of the Vienna Chamber of Labour and it was approved!

With the help of this funding, we will create the Smart Portal, a digital, integrated, web-based tool for work management and participation. In the future, the Portal will hold all functions for users while providing optimized tools for advisors in the backend. In addition, it will broaden opportunities for networking and participation:

  • Access all documents, forms, budgets, etc. through a single user interface
  • Become visible as a user and meet other users
  • Share projects and find collaborators
  • Make suggestions for the development of the Coop

Development starts now, the Portal is planned to be finalized by 2023.

Users, your opinion matters!

The Smart Portal will not develop behind the scenes, but in a collective process. Users and members as well as advisors are part of this process from day one. Your wishes and needs will guide us:

  • What do you need in the Smart Portal?
  • Which functions are you hoping for?
  • How should the whole thing work?

Preparations are in progress, we’ve collected a lot of ideas in the past months. In Autumn 2021 we will start the structured input. We’ll invite you to this specifically, keep an eye on your inbox.

You already know you definitely want to be part of this? Or you’d like to send us an idea right away? Don’t hesitate to write to Xenia: xenia.kopf@smart.coop

The funding will help us build a user-friendly and future-oriented tool that improves the autonomy of users, frees up advisors for individual consulting, and brings more transparency and opportunities for participation. This will not only benefit our current users, but also a large number of freelancers from various sectors, for whom Smart offers solutions.

We would like to thank AK Vienna for their commitment and look forward to the collaboration!