Corona / Covid-19 Updates

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Dear Smart community!

We are working full steam ahead on short time work solutions for as many users as possible currently employed by the Smart Coop. We hope to start submitting applications this week and we’re already in direct contact on this matter with each user concerned. According to current information, it looks like newly employed users – those who are employed as of now or will be in the upcoming days or weeks – can be included into short-time work after 30 days of employment. This fact remains to be confirmed.

Artists, cultural workers and freelancers are among the ones most hit by the current crises. A lot of you are confronted with cancellations of projects and loss of earnings, some of which are considerable.

In the past days, a number of support funds have been established for artists and creatives, applications are now open. See below for more info and links.

We’ll announce upcoming online info sessions here! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via

Support for artists and creatives in the context of Covid-19

Emergency hotline

Hotline of the Division Arts and Culture in the Federal Ministery for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport for Corona/Covid-19-related questions for artists and cultural practitioners: 01 53115 – 202 555 (Mo to Fr, 9am – 3pm)

Lump-sum grant

The city of Vienna offers lump-sum grants (up to 3.000 Euros) to self-employed artists and researchers who reside in Vienna.
Lump-sum grant (in German)

Emergency Fund

As of 27 March 2020, applications are open for the federal Emergency Fund. It grants an immediate aid of 500 resp. 1.000 Euros, and an additional aid of max. 2.000 Euros monthly for max. three subsequent months (non-repayable subsidies). The following groups of people are eligible:

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers (‘Neue Selbständige’ without trade licences) such as lecturers, artists, journalists, psychotherapists
  • Small enterprises employing less than 10 full-time equivalents
  • Gainfully employed proprietors insured on mandatory basis (GSVG/FSVG)
  • Independent contractors, such as IT specialists
  • Liberal professions (e.g. in the health sector)

Prerequisite: self-employed income exceeding the marginal earnings threshold (5.527 Euros). People who are simultaneously under a ASVG Pflichtversicherung and therefore earning above the minimal (Geringfügigkeit) as employees are not eligible for the funding in accordance with the current application criteria. This and other details, have been criticized from many quarters.
 Emergency Fund for Self-Employed Persons (in German)

KSVF Covid-19 emergency fund

KSVF (Künstlersozialversicherungsfonds) has launched a Covid-19 emergency fund endowed with 5 million Euros. Both artists and cultural workers (Kulturvermittler*innen) are eligible to apply.
KSVF Covid-19 emergency fund for artists (in German)


Sector-specific emergency funds & support

The copyright collection society LiterarMechana has launched a special fund endowed with 1 million Euros to cushion first consequences of the crises for authors, playwrights, script writers and translators (informal application).
Special fund LiterarMechana (in German)

The copyright collection societies AKM & austromechana and Interpret*innengesellschaft OESTIG have launched a ‘cultural catastrophe fund’ too, endowed with 1 million Euros. Musicians, composers and performers can apply for subsidies to compensate loss of wages and/or royalties. In addition, there are loans of up to 15.000 Euros available.
Cultural catastrophe fund for musicians AKM/OESTIG (in German)

The copyright collection society Bildrecht has launched a Corona bridge fund for fine artists, architects, photographers, designers, illustrators and choreographers, granting subsidies for crises-induced loss of wages resp. emergencies.
Corona bridge fund for fine artists Bildrecht (in German)


Infos & links for artists and creatives

We’ve created a list of important links on Covid-19-related issues and currently available support schemes for artists and creatives here: Information about Covid-19 for artists and creatives