Review 2021 & Outlook 2022

Smart, Smart Fee, Smart Portal - 03/02/2022 - -

2021 was again a challenge, but once again our user’s commitment has shown. Despite renewed lockdowns, they have carried out a total of 1,323 orders and projects worth 1.7 million euros. 158 new users joined, primarily from the performing arts, …

Smart Portal: Start of the development

Info, Smart, Smart Portal - 16/09/2021 - -

The development of the Smart Portal starts: By 2023, an online tool for work management and participation will be created that will include all functions for users and advisers and also significantly expand the possibilities for networking and participation in …

Digitization funding for Smart!

Info, Smart, Smart Portal - 05/08/2021 - -

We have wonderful midsummer news: In Spring 2021, we applied for digitization funding at Digitalisierungsfonds of the Vienna Chamber of Labour and it was approved! With the help of this funding, we will create the Smart Portal, a digital, integrated, …