Important info for users concerning Smart Fee

Info, Smart - 14/04/2021 - Xenia Kopf

What is at issue? Smart is a shared coop which is not-for-profit and follows the principles of solidarity economics. At the same time, it must cover its own running expenses – economic efficiency is a prerequisite for Smart to continue …

Workshop: Dream.Job Women in Music – new date!

Events, Info - 31/03/2021 - Xenia Kopf

New date! We’ll team up with the wonderful Music Women Austria for our workshop Dream.Job. We’ll look into freelancing as a female music professional, including everything you need to know on this: Contracts, fees, social security, taxes, work and residence …

Social insurance 2021: What’s new?

Info, Info, Uncategorized @en - 13/01/2021 - Xenia Kopf

We’ve compiled the new numbers concerning social insurance 2021 for you. Employed activities Monthly marginal earnings threshold: € 475,86 Voluntary self-insurance with ÖGK: Monthly contribution for marginally employed persons € 67,18 Monthly contribution for students € 63,42 Self-employed activities Minimum …

New forms

Info - 13/01/2021 - Xenia Kopf

Starting 2021, we’re switching our registration forms for users, clients, activities and orders, as well as coop membership forms, to a new system. This will simplify and accelerate a lot of processes for both our users and our team. It …

Holidays office hours

Info - 15/12/2020 - Xenia Kopf

We will provide stand-by duty on 28, 29 and 30 December 2020, as well as on 4 and 5 January 2021. You can reach us via phone at +43 1 99744 66. Our office is closed on 24 and 31 December …

Brexit becomes reality

Info - 13/12/2020 - Xenia Kopf

Even if any travelling is currently frozen at zero, there are essential changes coming up: Brexit will become reality. All information available here:  

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