“Lockdown bonus” for artists increased to 2.000 Eur, applications until 31 Dec 2020

Covid, Info - 30/11/2020 - Xenia Kopf

Because of the current lockdown, self-employed artists in Austria are eligible for a special payment of 1.300 Euros (“Lockdownkompensation”). As of 7 December 2020, this sum is increased to 2.000 Euros, the difference of 700 Euros will be paid automatically to recipients. Everyone who is eligible for the SVS bridge the gap assistance and/or the WKO emergency fund, or who has received money from these funds, is eligible for the lockdown support too. It is fresh money, support received up to now will not be deducted. Applications are open until 31 December 2020 at SVS.

More information at SVS (in German)